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"Our mission is to educate the public about adult symptoms of childhood abuse, substance addictions, and behavioral addictions in order to increase awareness and healing for the female addict and her loved ones.  We are committed to providing confidential and supportive  addiction recovery counseling and coaching services in a safe and nurturing environment for the female addict to come to terms with her abuse or trauma, understand her addiction & behaviors, and provide the resources to help facilitate recovery and enhance her quality of life."  

Angels Addiction & Abuse Recovery Services was founded in February 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada to serve women suffering from substance abuse and other behavioral addictions, with a focus on Love and Relationship Addictions.  Abuse and trauma, whether covert abuse (hidden) or overt abuse (visible) and whether it happened during your childhood or happened recently, will leave an impact on your psyche and have a severely negative impact on your mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical health.   AAARS is here to serve you, the survivor, and not only assist you in your recovery but also teach you how to deal with the emotional and mental tolls  of everyday life.  We use an interdisciplinary and Systems Theory approach to best assess and serve the needs of our clients through the healing process.

We offer :

Private & Group Counseling/Coaching Services

Yoga & Meditation Classes for women

 Intervention Services

Free Support Groups


Very soon, we will also be offering free weekly in-person support groups for Female Survivors of Abuse and one for Sex Workers.  We also have an online support group beginning 4/23 allowing survivors from all over to join in the healing with us!! 

Please visit us again soon and follow us on social media for up-to-date information on group classes and support groups.


About Anika "Nikki" Ransom


Nikki Ransom is a Certified Addiction & Abuse Recovery Coach, Counselor, and the founder of Angels Addiction & Abuse Recovery Services.  

As a survivor of abuse, Nikki’s passion is to help women who have been struggling with the lasting negative effects of abuse and a dysfunctional childhood and now suffering from addiction and behavioral addictions, namely Love and Relationship Addiction.

Nikki first began her professional career, with an educational background in Business Administration from Devry University and Keller Graduate School, running a Sex Education and Enhancement business in Columbus, Ohio.  She was able to achieve a high level of success in her career; appearing on many radio and TV stations, Ebony Magazine,, speaking engagements around the US and Canada, and much more until a devastating blow to her personal life & marriage caused her to lose it all.  She left Ohio in 2016 to pursue a life in her dream city: Las Vegas, Nevada.

While in Las Vegas, Nikki worked as a Las Vegas Showgirl on the strip, dancer, Fremont Street performer, and adult entertainer.  She saw just how many women were suffering from addictions and abuse as well as the victimizers looking to take advantage of the women's current state.  Being able to relate to the women due to her past abuse experiences impacted Nikki deeply and made her want to make a change and make a difference.

After leaving the entertainment industry, Nikki studied and received her certification as an Addictions & Abuse Recovery Coach with ARCS and the National Board of Addiction Recovery Professionals. She then became a member of the National Association for Addiction Professionals.  She is a non-denominational Ordained Minister, Counselor, provides Interventions, and also a Certified Yoga Instructor; teaching privately, group classes, and at local homeless shelters in Las Vegas.

Nikki resides in Henderson, Nevada with her family and also penning her second book, a fictional thriller.

Open Positions with Angels AARS


We are currently looking for additional female Yoga & Meditation Instructors to teach private and group classes in the Las Vegas area. Our perfect candidates will possess a certification to teach Yoga, insured, experience in leading guided relaxation meditations, and also possess the loving spirit to work with survivors of abuse and those in recovery.

If you are interested, please contact us by emailing

Thank you!